Do You Need Aerospace Inspections?

If you own aircraft and you’re not sure about whether or not you need aerospace inspections, the answer is most likely yes, you do. Most aircraft are required by law to undergo an examination at least once a year. 

If you’re new to the aerospace industry or need a refresher, we can walk you through what a typical aerospace inspection looks like, the specific requirements, and how it is a huge benefit to you.

What Is Aerospace Inspection?

Aerospace inspections are typically required by law. Whether you’re military or civilian, aircraft manufacturers, owners, and operators must undergo regular inspections. Quite frankly, it’s in your best interest. Aerospace inspections save lives. Whether you’re the pilot or you have a crew and passengers, an aerospace inspection ensures safety for everyone, even bystanders. All it takes is one malfunction, and lives could be lost.

During the inspection process, your inspector will ensure all the parts of your aircraft are high-quality and functioning. They will alert you to potential equipment failures and safety hazards. 

What Types of Aerospace Inspections Are There?

There are four main types of inspections. The type of inspection you need depends on how you use the aircraft. 

  • Prepurchase Inspection – This type of inspection is just as it sounds and is completed prior to purchasing an aircraft. Typically, you will get a mechanic to look over the aircraft to identify any unknown issues with the plane. This way, you know if the aircraft is worth the money they are asking for.

  • Annual Inspection – This is a yearly inspection required to fly. Nearly all aircraft are required to have an annual review with a few exceptions, such as those getting a progressive inspection. 

  • 100-Hour Inspection – If you carry passengers for hire or your aircraft is provided by a person giving flight instructions for hire, then you are required by law to have this inspection every 100 hours the plane is in the air. (It’s important to note the phrase “for hire” applies to the person, not the aircraft.)

  • Progressive Inspection – This type of inspection is best for frequently used aircraft. Instead of one long assessment,  you can get more frequent,  shorter inspections. 

What are the Benefits of Aerospace Inspections?

There are many benefits to regular aerospace inspections. First and foremost, these inspections save lives. The last thing you want hanging over you is an accident that could have been prevented with a timely inspection.

For those who rely on their aircraft for income, the next most significant benefit is financial. The safer and more secure your airplane is, the more time it can spend in the air, making you money. Also, inspectors can usually catch problems for you before they become costly. 

Why You Should Let ETMS Oversee Your Aerospace Inspections

When it comes to any safety inspections, ETMS is the best! We perform nuclear, manufacturing, and aerospace inspections, to name just a few. Because we have broad industry knowledge and expertise, we can meet the needs of any industry, including aerospace.

We’re ready to help you keep your aircraft in the air and meet all the federal regulations you must adhere to. Together, we can keep your crew and passengers safe and your plane in top-notch condition.

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