ETMS’s Top Welding Tips & Trends of 2022


As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, we can expect to see new technology trends emerge in the welding industry – this sure does spark a lot of interest in the field! It’s crucial to stay updated with the current trends to ensure your welding procedures and practices have reached their full potential. 

Today, we will detail the top welding tips and trends currently headlining in the welding industry. Be one step ahead this year and keep on reading to stay up-to-date with these welding trends of 2022!


Increased Focus on Training & Safety

This may be a given, but the most critical part of welding is to weld safely. A company’s number one priority should be the safety of its workers. Employees will be more at ease and comfortable working for someone, knowing the company prioritizes the 1st step in a safe welding environment as downloading and reading AWS/ANSI Z49.1. Safety equipment and training may come at a cost, but it’s worth every penny as it creates a cautious yet attentive work environment. We suggest investing in training tools and resources to avoid injuries and create a skillful workforce. ETMS offers extensive welder training programs which touch on safety, metallurgy, materials, relevant welding processes, and the needs of each.

We also offer the invaluable resource of our three-volume cookbook series. Our cookbooks provide all-inclusive prequalified WPS packages featuring all of the applicable AWS code requirements and production standards for more than 50 joint configurations for the following welding processes: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW). Take the first step towards a safer year of welding and purchase your ETMS  Cookbook trio here.


Virtual Reality Welding

Now let’s talk about virtual reality (VR) welding – because we are so intrigued too! This up-and-coming trend is headlining the welding industry for the new and innovative approach to training the welding workforce. Virtual reality (VR) welding (also known as augmented reality) allows trainees to immerse themselves in the welding experience without risking their safety while experiencing the action of welding by using a plastic-based tool that acts as a metal used for a weld.

Not only does VR welding moderate risk, but it also reduces the cost of materials. This efficient approach enhances the training experience with its life-like welding torches, masks, and sparks. Learn more about augmented reality welding and its benefits here!


Robotic Welding

Precision and efficiency are everything in the welding industry, hence, the rise of robotic welding. This new technological advancement is creating accuracy, better data, and nearly perfect reporting and documentation in the welding industry. 

Not only is the machine effective, but it can also perform welds that are too difficult for a human to attempt. Robotic welding is at peak performance when performing a monotonous weld, but when it comes to custom or large vessel welds, it’s best to perform them by very skilled and well trained welding operators.


The Wrap Up

We have only scratched the surface of what trends you can expect to see in the welding industry. You’ll want to keep these trends and tips on the top of mind when creating your welding strategic decisions this year! 

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