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ETMS is a global leader in Nondestructive Testing, Welding Inspection, and Quality Program Development. We are proud to provide services such as CWI Inspection and Training, NDT Inspection, and training in Ultrasonic, Visual, Magnetic Particle, and Penetrant Testing.


NDT & CWI Inspection


The ETMS team has more than 90 years of combined inspection experience. Whether in-service or production, ETMS inspectors can provide CWI and NDT support. We offer material verification and weld/material tracking and documentation so you...
Inspection Services


Welder & Inspector Training & Certification


Whether ASME, AWS, ISO, NADCAP, API, AWWA, MILStandard, or AISC, ETMS provides welder training and certification that satisfies international, national, state, and municipal standards and codes. Each ETMS instructor is ....
Training Services


QA/QC Program Development & Implementation



Our team of experienced weld engineering, NDT, and program development consultants work with you to reach your full potential by developing a structured plan to smooth out operations and control the special processes. Many top brands like....
Training Services


Browse our Welder’s Cookbooks, a three-volume (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW) AWS prequalified D1.1 WPS package designed with production in mind. No WPS development time. BUY. QUALIFY. WORK.

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Steel weld structure
The Importance of Structural Weld Inspections for Building Integrity

Keep your structure intact and secure with regular structural weld inspections. Structural welds join steel components to create a rigid, load-bearing structure that can withstand…

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An annually inspected Bridge over water
The Importance of Annual Bridge Inspections and the Benefits of Working With ETMS

Bridges play a vital role in connecting different regions, cities, and countries. They ensure safe and reliable transportation, and as such, it is essential to…

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Manufacturing Inspection
What Does Manufacturing Inspection Mean?

As business owners, we understand the need to scrutinize every penny spent. And if you’ve been told you should hire someone to inspect the products…

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Do You Need Aerospace Inspections?

If you own aircraft and you’re not sure about whether or not you need aerospace inspections, the answer is most likely yes, you do. Most…

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Ask Generous Dave

A Rationale for Welder Qualification

Generous Dave responds to the question from an owner of a small, but growing weld shop about why they need to qualify and certify their welders. Dave provides clear rationale describing factors such as legal liabilities and profit margins.

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The Importance of Visual Inspection

Generous Dave answers a welding shop owner’s question about welding inspection costs and methods that are cost effective. Dave discusses Non-Destructive Testing options and provides advice regarding visual inspection.

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Keys to a Competitive Quality Welding Program

Generous Dave answers the questions from an owner of a small sized welding shop asking how they can compete with larger shops through the use of a competitive quality welding program. Dave provides key insights into how small and medium shops can compete for big projects on a small budget through a Quality Welding Program and other tactics.

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Introducing “Ask Generous Dave”

During my 45 years in this industry, I’ve fielded a ton of questions from fabricators…

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