A New Year = A New Site

Happy New Year! With the early days of 2018 we’re launching our new website with a new focus and what we hope is a unique vision. Is there information about what we do, upcoming training seminars, the projects we work on, our qualifications and how to contact us? Yes of course there is. But remember this is Generous Dave’s company; so we’re giving this site in its’ main intent to you as a resource. We want you to come here, read the articles and opinions, learn before you ever sit in a training course and ask questions not only about the topics we’re posting about but the topics you’re interested in. Get the answers you need not only from us but from your community of NDT & Welding professionals who participate here.

As consultants in this aggravating, tedious, competitive, prideful, much-loved, completely satisfying… wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world; profession of ours, we see many different scenarios in many different industries in many different locations throughout the world. One thing is the same. At every company we meet, in every welding & inspection & QA department there is the singular goal. More. The drive to be better than we were yesterday. The desire to know about the process, the procedure, the method. The hunger to perfect the technique in theory and the application.

So we give this to you, our colleagues and peers. This resource to achieve more. The source needed to benefit yourself, us and our collective industry.

In the coming days we will be launching the user forum and as always Generous Dave will start it off. There will never be a membership cost or a subscription fee, just register. So come ask the questions, share your experience and get more.

To participate register by signing up for our mailing list.

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