The Inspection Aspect of Structural Construction

When a professional examines your welded products and materials, it ensures your customers that your welds are high-quality, safe, and strong. Inspection is an extra layer of support that, quite frankly, can “save your bacon,” as they say. 

Whether these services are done onsite or at an inspector’s lab is partly up to you and partly depends on the product or material under inspection. Regardless, this vital step must be implemented, especially regarding structural construction.

What Is Structural Construction and Why Does It Matter?

Structural construction is any internal or external load-bearing component of your product or material that is essential to its stability. The structural construction is the backbone of the entire design. It provides the basis for which everything else is built, and if it is not done properly, it could be detrimental to the entire project.

You will lose customers if your products or materials don’t meet industry standards. And if they don’t meet safety standards, and someone gets hurt, you could be in serious trouble. 

Structural Construction Inspection and What It Entails

A structural inspection is performed by a welding expert who knows industry standards, including AWS. This inspector will confirm the integrity of your product or materials’ load-bearing components. There are a few different inspections to consider; all are important to the integrity of your business.

Progress Inspections

During a progress inspection, your inspector will review your contract with you and your progress so far. Plus, they will review any daily logs or site diaries with you.

A progress inspection helps ensure your project meets the required specifications and allows you to document changes to an existing plan. It’s also necessary to meet many industry standards. And it has the added benefit of helping you keep the agreed-upon timeline for your work.

Quality Inspections

Just as the name suggests, quality control inspections ensure the quality of your product. ISO 9000 is the quality management system standard developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO). It’s widely used in the construction industry and other industries as well.

Your inspector will make sure your products and materials meet the standards specific to your industry. This gives your customers (and you) peace of mind.

 Health and Safety

There are federal and state laws to ensure the health and safety of employees. Your inspector will ensure your company follows the required health and safety standards set for you. 

Construction and welding can be dangerous. Each year there are thousands of accidents, many of which end people’s careers. There are also, from time to time, work-related deaths. Having an inspector check that you and your employees are following all the health and safety regulations can go a long way to preventing such accidents from happening in your business. These inspectors can identify potential hazards, missing safety gear, and other dangers lurking. 

Services That Include Construction Inspection

ETMS provides all the construction inspection services you need. This includes:

  • Work progress compliance
  • Work quality and compliance standards
  • Field testing
  • Order review
  • Inspection of materials
  • Monitoring of complete works

We are known worldwide for not only our welding inspections but also our training and consulting services. We’ve been around for 50 years and are proud of our ability to provide solutions for our customers that exceed their expectations. 

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