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No matter whether questions come from folks working for an established, iconic firm or a budding startup, one theme remains constant: We all face challenges navigating an ever-growing complex welding industry to run and grow a successful business. Stay up-to-date within the industry as Generous Dave shares 45 years worth of knowledge.

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A Rationale for Welder Qualification

Generous Dave responds to the question from an owner of a small, but growing weld shop about why they need to qualify and certify their welders. Dave provides clear rationale describing factors such as legal liabilities and profit margins.

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The Importance of Visual Inspection

Generous Dave answers a welding shop owner’s question about welding inspection costs and methods that are cost effective. Dave discusses Non-Destructive Testing options and provides advice regarding visual inspection.

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Keys to a Competitive Quality Welding Program

Generous Dave answers the questions from an owner of a small sized welding shop asking how they can compete with larger shops through the use of a competitive quality welding program. Dave provides key insights into how small and medium shops can compete for big projects on a small budget through a Quality Welding Program and other tactics.

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Introducing “Ask Generous Dave”

During my 45 years in this industry, I’ve fielded a ton of questions from fabricators and inspectors alike. What I’ve noticed is that no matter…

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