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Leadership Team

Dave Diaz
Managing Member

CRI 0407005NT
CWE 9408067E
CWB 5236/API 570
SCWI 98100038
CSWR 0910023R

David Diaz, a native of Chicago Ill., was initially educated in the military academy system of the “Colegio Justo Sierra” - Monterey NL, Mexico. He received his degree from the Chicago Institute of Technology, Chicago Ill., in Materials Engineering, and furthered his career and education in the USAF as a Metals Processing Specialist. Mr. Diaz is fluent in English and Spanish.

For the last 45 years, David Diaz has been active in the field of nondestructive testing/welding in such professional capacities as; NDE Level III, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Welding Inspector / Consultant specializing in such industries as nuclear, aerospace, geothermal, cogeneration, Oil and Gas and other related generating power plants as well as building, bridge & related construction. Mr. Diaz has traveled extensively throughout the USA and abroad as a Quality Lead Auditor, NDE III, Inspector, Instructor and Examiner providing technical training, instruction and inspection in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Guatemala, North Vietnam, Canada & the Caribbean. At present, he holds certifications for SCWI, CWSR, CWE, CRI, CWB, API 570, Lead Auditor ANSI NQA - 1, AISC auditor & AWS Auditor (Accredited Test Facility and Fabricator) and currently holds ASNT/ACCP III 30348 MT, NAS 410 & SNT-TC-1A in RT, UT, & PT methods, and continues to maintain his welding certifications in pipe & plate for the SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW processes. Previously Mr. Diaz served as the Chair of the Certified Radiographic Interpreter program and as the senior adjunct instructor of the AWS CWI program for nearly 25 years.

David Diaz continues in instruction and training of welding and non-destructive inspection personnel, theory and techniques, as well as the development of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Welding Procedures as an independent consultant for ETMS.

David A. Diaz
Operations Director

AWS CWI 16050651

ASNT VT II 323839








ASTM/ISO ISO/TC 44/SC 15 Committee

AWS Subcommittee on D3.6 Underwater Welding

David A. Diaz began his education in 1993 at the California Maritime Academy’s Mechanical Engineering program (Bachelor’s of Science program). At the conclusion of his studies, he enlisted in the United States Army. After his enlistment, David expanded his studies at the College of Business Management (Bachelor’s of Science program) at California State University Sacramento.

From 1991 until 1995, David worked as a trainee (part-time) for Quality Services (Bernard Hopkins & Dave Diaz) gaining exposure, experience and training in the NDE MT, PT, UT & VT methods. From 2001 until 2007, after completing all necessary training, per ETMS SNT Written Practice, David served as a part-time NDE Level I technician with ETMS in the NDE UT, MT, PT & VT methods. In late 2007 Da vid joined ETMS full time and continued his professional development specializing in industries such as Aerospace, Semi-Conductor, Medical, Cryogenic, Geothermal, Hydroelectric and Structural including; building, bridge, seismic and other related construction.

Since joining ETMS full-time, Mr. Diaz’s role has continued to evolve. In accordance with training & certification guidelines dictated by the ETMS SNT Written Practice, David has achieved his NDE RT/UT/VT/ MT/ PT Level II, Welding Inspector Specialist (in conformance to AWS QC1-2007 & AWS B5.1), Radiation Safety Officer, Certified ANSI Auditor (to ANSI N45.2.1), Radiation Safety Officer certification, AWS CWI Certification (AWS 16050651), AWS WPQ1 endorsement, is a committee member of the AWS D3.6 code sub-committee, ASTM/ISO/TC 44/SC 15 Committee, and serves directly as an AWS Auditor for the ATF/CWF Certification programs. Periodically, David serves as a guest instructor for NDT at the American Aerospace Technical Academy.

David is integral in the auditing, consulting, development, inspection & education services provided by ETMS and ETMS product development for internationally deployed products such as the “ Welder’s Cookbook AWS D1.1 2020 Prequalified WPS” series. Over the years he has continually developed his expertise in Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program development and auditing, Safety Program education, development and auditing, Welding Program development and auditing, Welding Personnel Education & Qualification, Weld Inspection, and PQR/WPS development. David travels extensively (internationally and domestically) as part of his functions with ETMS & the AWS; and has worked with companies in the aerospace, inspection, power generation, bridge & dam construction, industrial
construction and fabrication, structural construction and fabrication, transportation construction and fabrication, state services and education industries.

Emil Pagoaga
Associate Director

Emil Pagoaga brings 17 years of experience as the Associate Director of the AWS Certification Accredited Testing Facility (ATF) & Certified Welding Fabricator (CWF) programs to the ETMS team. He is a renowned industry expert in quality program development. With his extensive experience, Emil is instrumental in upholding operations quality and compliance standards. His arrival marks a significant milestone in our company's pursuit of excellence. His previous role as Associate Director of Accreditation at the American Welding Society (AWS) proves his track record and dedication to providing exceptional program development services to clients in the welding, fabrication, manufacturing, and inspection sectors. 

Assuming the role of Senior Quality Program Development Consultant at ETMS, Emil will collaborate closely with clients to create and execute comprehensive quality programs customized to their unique requirements. Leveraging his proficiency in ASQ, AWS ATF & AWS CWF programs, he will empower organizations to cultivate a culture of excellence and optimize their operations, guaranteeing conformance to industry codes, standards, and specifications for accreditation in multiple sectors of industry. 

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