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Group of students learning from Dave Diaz at ETMS
Are These Technology Gaps Keeping Your Company from Having a Competitive Training Program? We Can Help.

Feeling the pressure to keep a competitive edge in your industry? We get it. It isn’t always easy, and as technology continues to change, learning…

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Group of people learning in a lecture hall
Private ASME, AWS, ISO, NADCAP, API, AWWA Training vs. Public

With specialized certifications like ASME, AWS, ISO, NADCAP, API, and AWWA, training is the cornerstone of success. The journey to these esteemed certifications requires a…

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Two men in yellow construction hats assessing a metal cylinder structure
Do These Things to Prep for the CWI Exam

Preparing for the CWI exam can be daunting, but you can boost your chances of success with the right resources and strategies. One valuable avenue…

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Two contractors in hats reviewing the conformance of a structure during a structural inspection
Stop Guessing and Really Understand Conformance Standards

Understanding conformance standards is critical when structural inspections are performed on your projects. It is key to ensuring safety, maintaining quality, and meeting regulatory requirements….

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