Do These Things to Prep for the CWI Exam

Preparing for the CWI exam can be daunting, but you can boost your chances of success with the right resources and strategies. One valuable avenue for CWI exam prep is engaging in training offered by ETMS. Training from ETMS provides extensive expertise and the practical skills necessary for the CWI exam. We also offer valuable resources and support to enhance your learning experience. Join us as we explore the appeal of ETMS training programs and provide an overview of the CWI exam and what to expect, equipping you with the necessary tools to excel in your CWI exam prep.

A Glimpse of the CWI Exam

The CWI program is globally recognized, and AWS certification is trusted by companies for ensuring high-quality work. This exam evaluates candidates on visual inspection, welding knowledge, codes, standards, and inspection techniques. To succeed, aspiring CWIs must understand welding principles, be familiar with industry standards, and interpret inspection criteria accurately. Proper exam preparation is crucial for career advancement in welding inspection.

ETMS Has Been a Trusted Provider of Inspection and Training Solutions for Over 28 Years

ETMS has certified experts with over 28 years of experience in providing expert solutions. Our renowned training programs are used worldwide. We are recognized as a global leader in our industry and are proud to offer mutiple training programs and certification workshops in UT, VT, MT, CWI, and more. Our certified experts have spent 28 years training candidates and instructing students for the CWI exam on behalf of the AWS.

The CWI Exam and Benefits of ETMS Training

Preparing for the CWI exam requires a comprehensive approach. Candidates must develop a strong understanding of welding principles, familiarize themselves with industry codes and standards, and practice interpreting and applying inspection criteria accurately. So, we’ve put together the top 6 things you need to to prepare for the CWI exam and have also provided you with some perks you receive when training for the CWI exam with us!

Here are the top 6 things you need to know before taking the CWI exam:

The AWS administers the test. There are pre-determined test dates and times. The practical exam will be taken on a Saturday morning. After that, you will visit a computer test facility to complete part A and part C remotely.

The pass rate of the CWI exam for first-time candidates is only 5-7%. This is because of the role of a CWI is extensive. You could spend your day working on a 50 story highrise one week and be in a board room the next. The overall demand of a CWI includes multiple disciplines at the same time. The good news is this: There aren’t many CWIs and it’s a great career path for a young person looking to be in construction.

The CWI exam includes 3 components. The exam includes a fundamental test, code specific test, and a practical exam that has you conduct an exam using a fabricated book. Each component is timed. 

Use a stop watch and practice under time. The fundamental exam includes 150 questions in 2 hours, giving you an estimated 33 seconds per question. Use the AWS practice test book and familiarize yourself with the material so you’re able to complete each question in 30 seconds or less. It’s important to remember the questions get more difficult as the test progresses, so you’ll want to make sure you are prepped enough to complete the easier questions first.

Forget EVERYTHING you know. During your part B exam, use ONLY the book of specifications the AWS gives you – the most frequent complaint we hear worldwide is about the book of specifications being different from personal knowledge and experience.

Take the code you’re most familiar and break your codebook down. You can take any code that’s published. Don’t let the page count of the codebook scare you – out of the 631 pages in d1.1, there are only 150 pages of material you need to study. How do we know this? We’ll show you in the CWI training we provide. 

Why You Should Hire ETMS

We have our senior most instructor & managing member Generous Dave Diaz. He was part of the AWS original group of CWI instructors from 1995 up until 2019.

Our CWI classes include a minimum of 40 hours of in-person training. This is an intensive 1 week session completely dedicated to prepping for the CWI exam. We also give you homework each night up until the exam to help you prepare as best as possible.

As with all ETMS courses, we provide onsite training to your facility anywhere in the world. We completely prepare you, giving you all of the information you need to take the exam and more. We also show you how to break down codes, making them easier to understand, providing you with the relevant information needed for inspection.

ETMS offers comprehensive training programs for CWI exam prep. Our tailored courses cover all exam topics, provide up-to-date instruction, and go further in-depth compared to others available. Hiring ETMS benefits your team by guaranteeing industry-standard training, experienced instructors, flexible learning options, and increased credibility as certified welding inspectors. 

ETMS Training Programs

ETMS hosts public training events in Northern California and can deliver training programs at your facility worldwide.

We offer a variety of classes, including:

  • Principles of Welding Techniques for Qualification
  • Principles of Metallurgy for Welders
  • Introduction to Nondestructive Testing
  • Visual Inspection for AWS D17.1 Aerospace
  • Safety in Welding: ANSI Z49.1
  • Material Control
  • Codes and Standards

We also host seminars for WPS Development, Failure Analysis, and more.

Hire ETMS For Your Training and Certification Needs

Thorough preparation for the CWI exam is essential to maximize your chances of success and enhance your career prospects in welding inspection. You can boost your confidence and knowledge by investing time and effort into studying welding principles, familiarizing yourself with codes and standards, and practicing inspection techniques.

Hiring a trusted training and certification provider like ETMS also brings numerous advantages. Our training programs, experienced instructors, and flexible learning options ensure that your team receives industry-standard education and practical skills. Don’t hesitate to explore the training programs ETMS offers and take the next step toward becoming a certified welding inspector. Contact us today to embark on your journey toward professional excellence in welding inspection.

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