New Hogan Dam Tainter Liftgate Replacement Project

We were proud to lend our expertise to the New Hogan Dam Tainter Liftgate Replacement Project. This project marked a significant milestone as the first-ever tainter liftgate replacement on a dam in North America. We served as the General Contractor’s inspection firm and collaborated with production sub-contractors, the general contractor, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Together, we successfully developed D1.5 welding procedures and replaced the first set of lift gate arms, enabling the New Hogan Dam Tainter Liftgate to operate at an enhanced capacity.

History of New Hogan Dam

The original Hogan Dam, constructed by the city of Stockton in 1930 as a bulwark against recurrent flooding, was named after the former City Engineer Walter Byron Hogan. However, floods persisted, prompting the construction of the larger New Hogan Dam by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1960. Completed in 1963, it surpassed the original, reflecting Stockton’s commitment to safety and progress.

Standing strong since 1963, the New Hogan Dam undertook revitalization for enhanced flood risk reduction. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiated a $6.7 million retrofit project, rejuvenating the dam’s three Tainter gates. This significant overhaul included eco-friendly upgrades and state-of-the-art additions like new water seals and an electric hoist system. 

“Flood risk reduction is the primary function of the project, and it’s extremely important we make sure the spillway remains fully operational should we ever need to use it.” Richard Marmolejo, New Hogan Dam’s maintenance leader for the last 21 years.

Our Role in the New Hogan Dam Tainter Liftgate Replacement

In the vital refurbishment of the New Hogan Dam, we served as the General Contractor’s inspection firm. Our expertise and experience lent indispensable support to the project, ensuring all upgrades and installations met stringent quality standards. Our role underscored our commitment to safety, excellence, and the lasting durability of this critical structure.

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