Point Reyes Lighthouse Restoration Project

With over half a century of prominence in inspection, training, and consulting, we’ve completed countless projects, each reflecting our commitment to excellence. Today, we’re shining a light on a project particularly dear to us: the Point Reyes Lighthouse restoration. Executed in the Summer of 2018, we had the privilege to join forces with the National Park Services, contributing our expertise to reinforce and rejuvenate the historical lighthouse, enabling it to stand strong once again.

The restoration project at Point Reyes Lighthouse won the 2022 Preservation Design Award for Restoration.

(Image from nps.gov point reyes lighthouse restoration project)

History of Point Reyes Lighthouse

Constructed in 1870, the Point Reyes Lighthouse has shined its light over California’s treacherous coastline for over 150 years. Positioned on the windiest and foggiest point of the Pacific coast, the lighthouse was erected to warn mariners of an infamous underwater hazard known as the Point Reyes Headlands. After being automated in 1975, the beacon no longer needed a keeper, and the lighthouse was entrusted to National Park Servies for preservation.

Having remained solid and vigilant for well over a century in a windy, highly exposed marine environment, the Point Reyes Lighthouse was in need of significant restoration. This monumental endeavor, executed in three meticulously planned phases, was devoted to preserving the lighthouse’s unique charm and its distinction as the last U.S. lighthouse of its size, retaining its original clockwork mechanism and in its initial location.

(Image from nps.gov point reyes lighthouse restoration project)

Our Role in the Point Reyes Lighthouse Restoration

In order to restore the lighthouse to its original integrity and appearance while creating a safe and weathertight space, our team worked to determine the original fabrication methods and materials. Using historical plans from the 1800s, we were able to identify the materials they used as well as the fabrication methods. 

We then aided in locating and determining the capability of a fabricator to source these materials and begin the major restoration project using the same historical methods. 

The ETMS team performed detailed inspections of the existing and newly installed structures using NDT methods. Our team also worked to develop an inspection procedure for the lighthouse to guarantee the longevity and safety of this historic site.

The contribution of ETMS to the project enhanced the overall restoration quality, preserving this significant historical monument and attesting to our commitment to precision and quality in welding inspection.

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