Perspectives In Welding

Welding is a critical technique for the joining of materials in the Nation’s major manufacturing industries. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the welding industry is defining its vision of the issues and opportunities that it will face in 2020.

WELDING, the fusing of the surfaces of two work pieces to form one, is a precise, reliable, cost-effective, and “high-tech” method for joining materials. No other technique is as widely used by manufacturers to join metals and alloys efficiently and to add value to their products. Most of the familiar objects in modern society, from buildings and bridges, to vehicles, computers, and medical devices, could not be produced without the use of welding.

WELDING goes well beyond the bounds of its simple description. Welding today is applied to a wide variety of materials and products, using such advanced technologies as lasers and plasma arcs. The future of welding holds even greater promise as methods are devised for joining dissimilar and non-metallic materials, and for creating products of innovative shapes and designs.

The WELDING INDUSTRY consists of the “users” of welding techniques as well as the companies, universities, and other organizations that provide the equipment, materials, processes and support services for welding. All branches of the industry look for improvements in their operations by 2020, and should find their interests
addressed in this document.

Dave Diaz

Managing Member


ASNT III/ACCP 30348      SCWI 98100038
CRI 0407005NT                  NQA-1/AWS AUDITOR
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